Don’t Let Money To Use You; It Is Nothing Less Than A Knife!

Ever since the money came into existence, things around the world have changed a lot. In this world of money there is only two categories, one is rich and the other is poor. We belong to a culture that brings up two conflicting messages. The fist that makes money an important requirement and the second that proves money to be a source of miseries I .e. some believe money to be everything whereas some belief money to be the root of destruction. When we look around we ourselves can see, some using the money for the betterment of the society there money using someone for the downfall of society.

Life Depends On Money

Not only fulfilling our basic needs, but money has also enabled us to overcome numerous adversities, build oneself with a better life, provide to our family, and pay back to the community. Money enables us to make our dreams a reality. Your illness might not be cured with money, but money will always find a better treatment for that. Money might not shorten the distance between you and your destiny but will definitely make your path easy. Money might not bring all happiness to you, but it will definitely bring satisfaction of having something of your choice, because choices demand money. May not always but at times the only option is money.

Conflicting Sides Of Money

Would you ever wonder how to save money when you have enough of it? But this thought has driven away numerous people’s sleep, who doesn’t have much of it. And there the increasing demand for money faces the biggest controversy.

  • Favouring sides of money: Money remains to be a pleasant subject in many kinds of deal. It is a source of happiness because you need not think of sacrificing any of your wishes when you have much of it. Apart from the basic needs, it lets us build a comfortable life. And there is no crime in living a life of your choice, especially when you earn the money with hard work, they are using. It enables us to provide help to those in need; it lets us increase good vibes. Giving money for the help of poor or for any well-being of the society is what makes money more important.
  • Bad effects of money on life: Money can readily make you happy but it doesn’t permanent happiness and sometimes welcomes miseries. Hardly few manage to keep a safe distance from the greed of money, and the maximum of the population is overruled by money. When you have money, and you want more of it, you forget to live your life the way it is meant to live. Sometimes, you get distanced from your closed ones. It welcomes many fake people around you. And above all, it can control one’s mind to perform any lawbreaking activity.

So money acts as a knife can be of good use when in good hands but can be dangerous too when in the wrong hands.