What are blank sublimation mugs?

A blank sublimation mug (yes, like a coffee mug!) that has been manufactured with an ink transfer technique known as sublimation is referred to as a sublimation mug. Sublimation is a chemical process that transforms a solid directly into a gas without going through the intermediate stage of liquid. Through the process of sublimation printing, “solid” ink is directly transformed into a gas and then implanted into a polyester surface.

The size of sublimation mugs 

It is available in two sizes, one that will suit 11-ounce coffee cups and the other that will accommodate 15-ounce coffee mugs.

What You Should Think About Before Buying Sublimation Mugs

When shopping for sublimation mugs, it is important for merchants to keep the following considerations in mind, as outlined in the following quick buying guide:

Obtain your supplies from a trusted vendor.

It is of the utmost importance to get your mugs from a wholesale vendor who has a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service in addition to offering high-quality goods at competitive prices.

Selection of mugs

It is essential to choose mugs that have minor curves at the top rim as well as the bottom edge before purchasing them for sublimation. 

Choose mugs that have coatings that are durable

When sublimating, the temperature that is employed might be affected by the type of coating that is being used. When working with soft coatings, temperatures need to be lower than normal to avoid the sublimation paper being adhered to the coating. Hard coatings have a lower risk of this happening, making them an appropriate choice.

Greatest types of sublimation mugs 

The types of mugs are the following:

Coffee mugs

The coffee mug is the most popular form of sublimation mug. These kinds of mugs are designed to be used for serving coffee primarily, but they are flexible enough to also be used for serving other kinds of hot liquids like tea and water. 

Tea mugs

Tea mugs and cups, much like coffee mugs and cups, are designed to serve hot liquids, except, in this case, tea is the primary beverage being served.  Tea mugs are typical of small or medium size, although there are also larger forms.

Water mugs

Mugs that are built specifically for the purpose of serving or holding water are known as water mugs. People who visit gyms or are always on the move and want a place to store their water are driving a lot of the growth in the popularity of water mugs in these groups.

Camping mugs

Because they are sold for a specific group of customers who are looking for drinkware that they may use while camping or participating in other types of outdoor leisure, camping mugs can be classified as specialty mugs.

Glass mugs

These glasses need to be built from high-quality glass in order to maintain the temperature of their liquids for an extended period of time if they are to be used for either hot or cold liquids.

Travel or vacuum mugs

They are multipurpose mugs that are heated by a vacuum and may be used to keep both hot and cold liquids for a long time.

Kids’ cups

Kids’ mugs are pieces of drinkware that are made with one-of-a-kind designs and forms, and they are designed to be used by infants or young children. The mugs may be designed with either a single or double handle, or they can have lids and straws attached to them instead.


The sublimation coating on the mug should stay unchanged even after many years of being cleaned in the dishwasher; however, it is common for the coating to fade with time, people should like these mugs because of this. If you want the picture to remain on the mug for a longer period of time, place it on the highest rack of the dishwasher and as far away from the heating element as you can. The graphics on your mug will not be harmed if you microwave it.