What Are Digital Business Cards?

Traditional business cards are cumbersome since you must carry many copies of the same card. They are not only prone to be misplaced or go into disuse, but they are also costly to purchase and upgrade. On the other hand, smart cards or digital business cards are a more affordable option for companies opting to use one for their employees.

But what are digital business cards? One might ask.

Electronic business cards are another name for digital business cards. In contrast to traditional cards, a digital card has no physical space restrictions and can even include as much data as the bearer desires. These cards (plastic cards, metal business cards, mobile biz cards) may contain essential information like the holder’s name, email address, contact number, social media profiles, blood type, company or freelance business logo, and address.

Digital Cards are Convenient

Since the cards are digital, you don’t have to be concerned about running out of cards to give out. Your card can either be a dedicated webpage or a digital card created using an app. Simply showing the QR code to potential clients, using NFC or near-field communication, is enough to view the business card.

Digital Cards are Cost-Effective

The drawback of using traditional cards is that they are expensive to produce in large quantities and require an excellent design to appeal to the recipient. Anyone can create their cards using digital business cards, especially with the numerous free business card templates readily available online.

Why You Should Have a Digital Business Card

Whether one needs a digital business card or not is up for debate. However, your use case will most likely determine whether you need it. You’ll need one for yourself and your employees if you’re a well-known business owner.

But what if you’re a new freelancer or a small business owner? If you have a website or a social media profile, you can use it as a digital business card and share it via QR or NFC and impress clients and future business partners. Let this infographic by NFCTagify help you better understand digital business cards.

What are Digital Business Cards and Why You Should Have One