What Happens If You Do Not Archive Text Messages?

Text messaging has become a standard means of communication in businesses. This reliable channel allows companies to reach out to more people while simplifying their information relaying process.

But despite the convenience, using text messages carelessly can place a business in deep trouble. Regulatory firms like FINRA and the SEC mandate all companies of every industry to use text message archiving in compliance with regulations.

It can be tedious to monitor texts, but what will happen if you do not use a text message archiver?

  1. Legal Consequences

As mentioned, various regulatory bodies require businesses to have a text message archiving solution to keep track of texts. As a company, you are not allowed to do as you wish with the data you collect from conversations and messages, whether from customers or your employees.

Different industries have varying standards for text message management and storage, with some sectors being stricter than the rest. Failure to comply with information protection laws can result in expensive and highly damaging consequences, including penalties, ruined reputation, and legal action.

  1. Data Security and Privacy Issues

It is important to note that while text messages are convenient and seemingly private, they are not the most secure communication platforms. Hackers often use text networks to intercept and steal critical data from companies.

Besides compliance violations, the weight of data breaches can be heavy for a business. On top of losing or leaking vital information, lawsuits can fly through your window once regulatory agencies discover vulnerabilities in your company’s systems.

  1. Information Loss

In business, text messages relay valuable business-related information, such as client communications, agreements, or essential instructions. Remember, text messaging platforms do not offer sufficient protection to keep these secure, increasing the risk of a breach.

Other than hackers stealing data, text messages are easy to delete. You can’t get them back once they are removed from the conversations. This could lead to misunderstanding, missed opportunities, and disputes between businesses and stakeholders.

Don’t Take the Risk; Protect Your Messages Now

A lack of proper text message archiver can spell the worst for a company. With regulatory violations, critical data loss, and broken trust, rebuilding your company’s reputation can take too much resources, time, and effort.

So, why risk losing it all? Keep your company safe and consistently compliant by partnering with LeapXpert – the market leader providing competent message archiving solutions.